March 2013


Watley Clinic

We had 68 participants. The clinic lost about $300 from last minute refunds due to illness of participants but this was still an outstanding event. Natasha thought that our accommodations and facilities were top notch. She would love to come back in the future. We apologize for cutting the clinic a little short but we had little to no choice given her flight arrangements. Next year, we will negotiate a longer stay.


Field Maintenance|Coaches Reminder|Practices-

Maintenance Day at Crist Field will be Saturday, March 23 at 9:00.  Please do what you can to help. Even though your team may not practice at Crist as part of your regular schedule, other teams being there allow you to be on the field to which you are scheduled.

If any of you have any equipment (4 wheelers, tractors, tractors with front end loaders, etc.) that you can bring to help reduce the amount of manual labor it is much appreciated.


Bull Roast-

Attendance was up about 10% this year and the average person spent $20. Last year the average person spent $30 resulting in lower profits this year but still made approximately 6k. Thank all involved for helping.


Free Skills Clinic

Our annual Skills Clinic will be held on Saturday, May 11th at Crist Fields.  The clinic is free to the York County League.  No BH’s may register but we may ask players to help. Max 40 Participants.



All dues should be paid or individuals should be on a payment plan that has been approved by the Treasurer and the Board.  Failure to have dues paid current may result in players being prohibited from participating in team and organizational activities including practices and tournaments.


Picture Day-

Saturday March 23rd at Crist Fields for 10 and 12u teams.  If an older team is available you may take your pictures on this day.



We are adding a new feature on our website, E-tickets for future events. Estimated cost is $300 which is cheap b/c the most of the code is being written in house.



Our position remains the same, we do not run fundraisers outside Joe Corbi’s, Bull Roast and Crab Feast. If a team decided to do a fundraiser, it is independent of the Ball Hawk Organization. Past polls show that the majority of people prefer to pay a little more money than participate in a fundraiser.


Please visit our website frequently to learn of new updates, the results of our tournaments, etc.  Go Ball Hawks!!